Village Life at Schooner Bay: Authentic Out-Island Living

Explore the quaint streets of this harbourside village, while you’re caressed by an ocean breeze.

Try to imagine your life without cars. Imagine walking everywhere you want to go, your favourite destinations are part of the community and you relish that level of convenience in a Bahamian harbour village. You could be imagining Schooner Bay, where the age-old idea of the village is being revived because it makes such good sense. The concept is called New Urbanism, implying not a new city but a new way to create villages and towns that better serve the people who live there.

This South Abaco harbourside village is authentic – from its ocean inlet and salt air to the gulls that perch on the boats tied up at the docks. There are inns and restaurants and neighbours and greetings and a planned school – the way village life used to be. The pace is calm, meaning that you almost surely will be too, in an atmosphere that encourages reflection and delight in your unspoiled surroundings.

The village architecture is timeless, whispering of the bygone eras of Bahamian life. Louvered jalousies cast shade upon the rooms within as they allow a cooling breeze to slip through, where the loudest sound may be the rustle of the palms or the giggle of a child. Subtle island colours will charm your eyes everywhere. Nowhere is the good life better lived. Come to Schooner Bay and discover timeless village living in gracious South Abaco style.

A focus on design and community interaction were employed by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company in implementing the principles of new urbanism.

The 2013 Addison Mizner Medal was awarded to The Village of Schooner Bay for excellence in urbanism. The award is conferred through The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art. 

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