Health & Wellness ~ At Schooner Bay ~

Farm to Table

Farm to Table

Nowhere else in the Caribbean, or perhaps the world, will you find fresher produce than Schooner Bay. A local farm provides a constant resource for the freshest vegetables and produce imaginable. Residents of Schooner Bay may visit the General Store and the farm as they replenish their supplies on a daily basis. It’s a uniquely healthy way of life that simply tastes great!

Fitness Trails

Biking, hiking, walking…Schooner Bay is filled with amazing destinations that incorporate your exercise routine into picturesque settings. Hike along the ironshore and marvel at the power of the ocean. Meditate or schedule a yoga workout at the raised oceanfront platform. Run the Schooner Steps where you’ll enjoy the views of the ocean from high atop the ridge. Birdwatch or take an eco tour along the miles of Coppice Trails throughout the seaside forest. All trails lead to somewhere, but there’s no place else like Schooner Bay.


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